Article 1.
The Organization shall be called:  “Macedonia Helps
Article 2.
Our Mission:
The mission of the Macedonia Helps is to draw all men to Christ not only by sending them the Gospel but to meet their human needs as well. Jesus fed the thousands after preaching to them and healed those who were sick. We seek to bring daily needs for the perishing souls and keep them fed and in perfect health. We have a charge to keep in our generation and we seek to draw as many people as possible unto the saving Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ as long as we live in this our earthly frame.
 Article 3.
Our Values:
We believe in the saving Grace of Jesus and the deliverance He offers all men in every corner of the Earth.
We believe in the Four Square Gospel and we believe Jesus is coming again.
We believe that there is no other name given amongst men through which we must be saved except the name of Jesus Christ.
Article 4.
Objectives and Purposes shall be as follows:
Section I. Broadcasting Salvation messages to people in the small towns and remote villages in the Ajumako Traditional area.
Section II. Feeding the poor in small towns and villages in the Ajumako Traditional Area of the Central Region of Ghana by means of periodic “ SOUP KITCHENS”
Section III. Providing basic Health needs to the poor in small towns and villages in the Ajumako Traditional Area.
Section IV. Providing Technical and Vocational Training for Teenagers from poor families
Section V. Building an Orphanage to cater for orphans and children from poor families.
Section VI. Training of Church leaders to ensure continual delivery of the four square Gospel in their respective Churches.
Section VII. Adopting and supporting Active and retired Ministers of the Gospel in Ghana
Article 6. Head Office
The Head Office of the Organization shall be located at such place within the Ajumako Traditional Area or as the Board of Directors may decide
Article 7. Seal of the Corporation
The Board of Directors shall provide a seal for the Corporation which shall be kept at the Head Office of the Corporation.
Article 8. Non-Profit Organization
The Association will be not-for-profit and without share capital, and as well, the organizaation shall be carried on without pecuniary gain and that any profits of made shall be used in promoting its objectives.
Article 9. Remuneration
Officers and Directors that are employed by Macedonia Helps shall receive remuneration as will be agreed when being employed.
Officers and Directors shall be reimbursed travel and accommodation and other related expenses while representing Macedonia Helps in an official business.
Article 10. Amendments to the Constitution
Amendments, additions or alterations to the constitution must occur at the Annual General Meeting or a special general meeting called for that purpose. Members must receive at least 21 days’ notice of the proposed change and at least 2/3's of the board members who vote at the meeting must approve the change
Article 11.
Section (I) The Management of Macedonia Helps shall include:
Board of Directors
B. President and Chief Executive.
C.  Vice President--
D.  Executive Director--- General Operations
E. Director of Finance and Administration.
Section (II).
The Management of Macedonia Helps shall consist of a board of Directors and officers mentioned in section (I)
Section (III)
 The board of Directors shall be nominated by the President and Chief Executive in consultation with the Vice President, Executive Directors and Director of Finance and Administration.
Section (IV)
Members of the board of Directors shall be drawn from various Bible believing Pentecostal and Charismatic Churches as well as born again eminent persons in the Ghanaian society.
Section (V)
Members of the board of directors shall have a term of office of 5 years duration.
Article 11
 Duties of the Board of Directors and Officers:
I.                       The role of the board of directors is to recruit, supervise, retain, evaluate and compensate the Chief Executive or President of Macedonia Helps and assess the overall direction and strategy of the organization.
     Provide direction for the organization. The board has a strategic function in providing the vision, mission and goals of the organization. These must be  determined in combination with the CEO
III.                  Establish a policy based governance system. The board has the responsibility of developing a governance system for the organization. The articles of governance of Macedonia Helps will provide a framework of governance but the board will develop a series of policies pursuant to the framework accordingly. The rules that the board establishes for the company should be policy based. In other words, the board shall develop policies to guide its own actions and the actions of the manager. The policies should be broad and not rigidly defined as to allow the board and the Chief Executive leeway in achieving the goals of the organization.
IV.            Govern the organization and the relationship with the CEO. Another responsibility of the board is to develop a governance system. The governance system involves how the board interacts with the general manager or CEO. Periodically the board should interact with the Chief Executive during meetings of the board of directors. Meeting frequency shall be determined by the board in its first annual meeting.. In the interim periods between these meetings, the board shall be kept informed through phone conferences or video conferencing.
V.                      Fiduciary duty to protect the organization’s assets shall be the responsibility of the Board. The board has to make sure the assets of the organization are kept in good order. This includes the company’s plant, equipment and facilities, including the human capital (people who work for the organization.)
VI.             Monitor and control function. The board of directors has a monitoring and control function.  The board is in charge of the auditing process and hires the auditor. It is in charge of making sure the audit is done in a timely manner each year.
 Section (II)
 The president shall serve as head of the organization and be     responsible      for Providing overall leadership of the organization. He/She shall provide strategic direction for the organization. Shall be in charge of Organizing, staffing directing and control, establishing goals for the organization to work toward, etc. The Chief Executive or President is responsible for hiring all of the other employees and overseeing the day-to-day operation of the Organization.
Section (III)
The vice president shall serve in absence of the president, and shall perform such duties as assigned by the president.
The Vice President may be tasked by the President to Chair various standing committees.
Section (IV)
 The Executive Director (Finance and Administration)
shall be responsible for the finance of the organization and maintaining all records of the organization (e.g. constitutional amendments, meeting minutes, affiliations,
Section (V) Secretary:  Shall be responsible to the Chief Executive and shall be responsible for recording the minutes of all meetings and communication on behalf of the senior management and maintaining all records
These are generally the duties of the secretary, though some organizations include.
Section (VI) The treasurer shall be
coordination of fundraising efforts, general bookkeeping and financial reports to the executive committee, deposit of all funds in the organization's account, and approval of expenditures in conjunction with the president .
Article 12
Financial records
 Section (I) Cheques issued by the organization shall have at least two signatures drawn from the senior Management (President, Vice President and Executive Director) These procedures shall be strictly followed.
 Section (II) Macedonia Helps’   tax return shall be filed annually with the Internal Revenue Service of Ghana and all donors domestic and foreign shall be furnished with copies of the organization’s financial records annually.
Article 13
Internal and external Audits
The Organization shall constitute an internal audit team and engage the services of an external auditor to ensure fiscal scrutiny and transparency on an annual basis.
 Article 14.
 Governance of Macedonia Helps shall conform to the laws of the Republic of Ghana.