We have acquired 10 acres of land in Ajumako Town and another 10 acres in Ajumako Brofoyedur to be known as Macedonia Helps Village and City of Refuge respectively.

The following Ministerial projects are our goals:


1. Care homes for orphans

2. Vocational training for Children from poor families, broken homes and orphans.

  • Sewing and catering skills for teenage girls
  • Trade skills for teenage boys ----- Auto mechanic skills - repair and rebuilding of diesel and gasoline engines, plumbing and carpentry, Electricians, Welding skills

 3. Mobile Clinic----- To serve the villages in basic health checks and medications.

4. Soup Kitchen----- To provide daily meals for the poor.

5. Radio Station for reaching the unsaved in the Central Region of Ghana


5. Clinic and Dialysis Centre

6. Evangelism and Prayer Centre

7. Christian TV station

8. Water and Sanitation projects.

9. Training of Church Leaders

As a Ministry, the following humanitarian needs will be addressed on an ongoing basis:

1.      Support for Active Ministers of the Gospel.

·         Personal needs

·         Equipments for ministry

2.      Retired Minsters

·         Personal needs

3.      Soup Kitchen------ The poor, Widows.

4.      Helping the poor , widows to pay for National Health Insurancecontributions

5.      Supplies of medications and medical equipment for rural hospitals and health posts